On the eve of Indira Gandhi’s death anniversary, Rahul Gandhi highlights Golden Temple visit and attacks BJP and RSS | Chandigarh News

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi released a video on Monday, on the eve of the death anniversary of his grandmother and former prime minister Indira Gandhi, explaining his policy objectives. Recent visit to the Golden Temple In Amritsar. He also attacked the BJP and RSS, saying they may have power but he has the truth.

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In a video released on his YouTube channel, Rahul Gandhi said: “While doing seva, questions about my ego naturally arose. During seva, the community helps you. The community tells you three things: First, you have to work. You can’t be a parasite on society.The second idea is to look at what you do and how it affects others. However, some benefit should accrue to others. Community is a way to challenge notions of self, ego, hatred, and violence.”

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“The most important thing for me is that the whole concept is built on love and respect for others, not just your own religion but other religions,” he said.

Rahul Gandhi said: “I have been to the Golden Temple before, but that time I just sat there paying my respects. I didn’t do seva. Now, when I did seva, it was my experience. completely changed.”

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“If you look at Indian society today, you can see that hatred is widespread in society. There are examples in history, including (founder of Sikhism) Guru Nanak, and we need to move forward. It’s a shame that we can’t see the real treasures that this land has. We are too busy impressing others and making money that India is the world We forget the real treasure it brings to the world,” he said.

Rahul Gandhi said: “We are going through a phase where we lack wisdom. Wisdom is not about how intelligent, smart, or wise you are. Wisdom is not about how intelligent, smart, or smart you are. It’s about how effectively you can act. Guru Nanak, Mahatma Gandhi, the Buddha were wise. They were not wealthy, they were not powerful. Guru Nanak had no power. But he had enormous power because he was close to the truth.”

Attacking the RSS and the BJP, he said in a nearly seven-minute video: “My view is that power is always a lie and power is always truth. The United States is called a superpower. It is not a superpower. It is a superforce. Gandhi is a superpower. Guru Nanak is a superpower. They have the Indian government and institutions like the CBI and the ED. The only thing they have, and I can’t tell you how beautiful it is, is the truth. Their power is of no use to the truth. That’s what I want young people in India to understand.

He has not announced anything about this visit so far, but it is also seen as one of his attempts to come to terms with past trauma. In 1984, then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi sent troops to the Golden Temple to eliminate extremists led by Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. That led to her assassination by a Sikh bodyguard on October 31, 1984, and the subsequent anti-Sikh riots.

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