Punjab: US Ambassador Eric Garcetti visits Golden Temple

US Ambassador Eric Garcetti visited Amritsar’s iconic Golden Temple. Ambassador Garcetti told ANI that “it has been my dream since childhood to come to the Golden Temple,” and he shared his strong personal desire to visit the Golden Temple.

Moreover, he recalled the stories told by his parents, vividly depicting the beauty and importance of the temple.

“My mother and father came here to the Golden Temple when they were in their 20s and just married. “He told me about coming to this beautiful place where he could feel it. He could see its beauty,” he added.

For Garcetti, the Golden Temple has been a place dear to his heart since childhood, nurturing a long-held dream that finally came true on his recent visit.

“Today, that dream came true,” he said with obvious emotion.

During his stay at the temple, Ambassador Garcetti immersed himself in the spiritual atmosphere by participating in small acts of service such as washing dishes with his Sikh brothers.

“It was great to be able to wash dishes with my brothers and see a kitchen that feeds so many people,” the US ambassador told ANI.

Ambassador Garcetti expressed his deep gratitude to his hosts and the Sikh community and emphasized the Golden Temple’s role as a beacon of peace and harmony.

“I would like to thank the President and my hosts for hosting me here,” he said. I would like to thank the host for hosting me.” I think what makes this place more than just a sacred place is what it represents, not just its past history, but the service and beauty it brings to the present. ”

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