Amritsar MP Gurjeet Singh Aujla

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Amritsar, March 28th

Reacting to rumors on certain online platforms that Congress MP Gurjeet Singh Aujla is quitting the party, two-time Lok Sabha MP Aujla has quit the Congress and joined the BJP and other political parties. He said he has no plans to join. At a press conference here on Thursday, Aujla said that if he gets the party ticket or even if the party chooses another candidate, the Congress will contest Amritsar Lok Sabha for the third consecutive time. He said he would win the Sabah seat.

“Even though some media outlets are trying to confuse the public, voters are very smart and will not believe such baseless rumors,” he said. They complained that they did not even think to contact the person before publishing or broadcasting reports opposing the policy. specific person.

Mr. Aujla is the frontrunner on the Congress ticket from Amritsar Lok Sabha constituency. Earlier, supporters of former CM deputy OP Soni had demanded a ticket from Soni, but these voices have now subsided and Aujla has emerged as the front-runner from the Congress.

Speaking on the occasion, Aujla said, “The present government led by the Bharatiya Janata Party does not even provide scope for contesting elections democratically.” Opposition bank accounts have been seized. ” Aujla also harshly criticized the Aam Aadmi Party, saying it was still dependent on political leaders from other parties. “Why don’t you give tickets to your own workers and leaders? What about your statements about power over ordinary people?”

Aujla said he would continue to work for the people if elected from his constituency. “I have always tried to follow the rules and have never attacked other candidates or political parties. I expect all candidates to do the same.” LS He added that during his tenure as a member, he had frequently highlighted the issues of Punjab and Amritsar in his national platform.

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