Priya Dutt says Sunil Dutt was asked to ‘wear a bulletproof jacket’ while entering Golden Temple: ‘Everyone inside the temple had guns’ Bollywood News

Priya Dutt said Sunil Dutt was asked to wear a bulletproof jacket before entering the Golden Temple, but he refused.

Sunil Dutt Peace March AmritsarSunil Dutt entered the Golden Temple without wearing a bulletproof vest. (Photo: Express Archives)

Priya Dutt, late daughter Actors Sunil Dutt and Nargis, I recently opened up about the time I had a girlfriend. accompanied her father In 1987, at a time when Punjab was facing a crisis and there was terrorism in the country, I rode the Padhyatra from Mumbai to Amritsar’s Golden Temple. Priya recalled that the gurdwara had been “occupied” and that Sunil was asked to wear a bulletproof jacket to enter the holy site. But as soon as he entered, the men inside the gurdwara, all with guns, said, “Sunil Dutt is our responsibility.” Although Sunil was a politician at the time, he maintained that this ‘Padiatra’ was not a political move.

In the late 1980s, extremists in Punjab overran the Golden Temple, and it was at this time that Sunil decided to walk for peace. The march, which started with just 10 people in Mumbai, gained momentum along the way and by the time it reached Amritsar, Sunil was accompanied by many others. Priya recalled this in a conversation with Silas Brocha: It is not possible to enter the temple. We recommend wearing a bulletproof vest. ”

Sunil said yes, but asked all his companions to provide jackets, but when the officer said they didn’t have enough jackets, Dutt refused to wear them. Priya said this was her way of getting the police to back down, as they were very insistent on wearing bulletproof vests. “My father said then I wouldn’t wear a bulletproof vest,” she recalled.

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She recalled the day they entered the Golden Temple and said, “The Golden Temple was occupied at that time.” She continued, “When we went inside, there were some plainclothes police officers who said we were going with them.” The people inside recognized them and said, “You are allowed to enter the temple.” We are responsible for Sunil Dutt. It was they who occupied the temple.”

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According to Priya, as soon as they entered Sunil, the crowd embraced him and welcomed him. “Everyone inside the temple had guns, but they welcomed him gladly. And all around you could see armed groups and young people,” she recalled. Priya said that when she went inside to pray, she was accompanied by men whose faces were covered because they were “wanted persons” and who carried guns at all times.

“They were all young people who had acquired weapons for some reason. There were also a lot of women dressed all in black,” she recalled. Priya said Sunil spoke to many of her seniors inside her house and all those accompanying her walked around and spoke to many others. “There was so much love and respect and after a while it felt like all of them were part of our country. They just need to be guided,” she said.

The ‘Padiatra’ was held soon after militants barricaded themselves inside the temple premises. Their siege ended with their surrender before the central forces.

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