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Amid elections, Amritsar is rallying for the development of a golf course to boost tourism and employment. Supporters emphasize the need for eradication.
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AMRITSAR: Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, calls are growing for the development of golf courses in and around Amritsar with the aim of attracting international tourists and creating employment opportunities for locals. . Sahiljit Singh Sandhu, an avid golfer, has given a development agenda to all candidates contesting the Lok Sabha elections from Amritsar constituency, irrespective of their party affiliation, to develop golf courses in and around Amritsar. appealed for inclusion in the Sahiljit said, “The government has already given priority to strengthening tourism and aims to develop tourism as a major industry. With the establishment of the golf course, Amritsar will attract tourists, business leaders and companies from all over the world. “We can attract CEOs to enjoy golf and increase engagement.” Combine your visit with participating in business discussions, fulfilling your religious aspirations, and exploring the nearby hills. ”

Aspiring golfers in Amritsar often face difficulties in pursuing their passion due to limited access to golf facilities. Many travel to Chandigarh or Kapurthala, while others try to meet the stringent requirements for admission to the Army Golf Club, which hinders their ability to develop their skills and pursue a career in golf. This often happens. Dr Avtar Singh, who runs the private Amandeep Cricket Academy, which has a five-acre cricket field, echoed Sahirjit’s views. He emphasized that as Amritsar evolves into a metropolis, it needs to offer modern and premium amenities to attract elite clientele. Singh emphasized the importance of amenities like golf courses, which add style and prestige. He believes that the name alone carries a premium label that appeals to a global audience, and that premium facilities are important in shaping Amritsar’s image as a destination of choice for discerning people around the world. He said that he plays a role. Mr. Singh maintained that all assembly candidates should include the development of golf courses in Amritsar and that it could also be developed using panchayat land. He added that each golf course could potentially provide jobs for around 150 to 200 local youth.

Recognizing the talent of young golfer Prathamvir Singh, Sahirjit said he sponsored Prathamvir and provided him an opportunity to showcase his skills and bring recognition not only to himself but also to the city of Amritsar.

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