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AMRITSAR: An Indian man who was trying to reunite with his wife and five children and bring them back from Pakistan was eventually arrested for overstaying in the neighboring country and deported via the Attari border on Monday. Unfortunately, I returned home alone.

Azmat Ali, 56, from Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh, left for Pakistan on May 16, 2022 on a 90-day visa to bring back his five children and his wife, who is a Pak national. After obtaining the information, a lawsuit was filed in court. Her wife refused to return to India or give up her children’s property.

Lahore-based activist Tuseefzada Khan reported on Monday that he had filed a lawsuit accusing Azmat of abducting his five children who are Indian nationals. “In the meantime, his visa expired and he applied for an extension to the Ministry of Interior in Islamabad,” he said, adding that after completing the 90-day visa, police arrested him and he was sent to jail.

According to him, Azmat married Naheed Raza, a Lahore-based woman, about 25 years ago, but after a domestic dispute, his wife left five children, including four majors and one minor. They returned to their parents in Lahore with their children.

Mr. Khan informed that Mr. Azmat was considered guilty and spent three months in prison, after which he was deported from Pakistan. “All this time, he was interacting with ministries in Islamabad for a visa extension,” Khan said.

Sources here said that Azmat’s visa was not extended due to some technical glitch and hence the case seeking possession and repatriation of the child from Pakistan could not proceed. “We believe that the delay and refusal of the visa extension was due to the failure of his in-laws, to whom he had been invited to go to Pakistan, to obtain police verification,” the official said. .

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