Wheat with a high moisture content poses a problem in procurement

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Amritsar, April 23

Prefectural authorities have called on farmers not to bring wheat with moisture content above the permissible limit to the grain market. In a meeting held here today, Mandi Committee officials briefed Deputy Commissioner Ghanshyam Toli about the problems being faced by procuring agencies due to increased moisture content in wheat grains.

Officials feared that if farmers continued to bring in water-laden produce, grain markets would eventually run out of space and the procurement process would be affected.

In this regard, Tori requested officials involved in the procurement process to ensure that farmers only bring in fully ripened crops with a moisture content of less than 12 per cent.

Recent rain in the region continued in the city on Tuesday morning, raising alarm among wheat growers and raising concerns that the harvest could be early. District agriculture officials said panic harvesting due to bad weather would be detrimental to farmers as they would not be able to sell their crops.

Agricultural experts said that despite repeated rains over the past few days, wheat crops were not adversely affected due to the low rainfall.

Meanwhile, 27,884 tonnes of wheat arrived at grain markets in the district on Tuesday. As a result, the total amount arrived so far has reached 69,805 tons, and the total procurement amount has reached 47,254 tons, of which 41,768 tons have been procured from government agencies. This means that almost 68 per cent of the wheat crop has been procured.

Mandi committee officials said most of the unsold crops are water-rich stocks. They said that once farmers bring their “dry” crops to market, it will be procured immediately without delay.

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