School holds sex education training session for parents

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Amritsar, April 27th

A workshop on sex and sexuality was held for parents at Invictus International School in Amritsar.

Ange Kish, sex educator and founder of Untaboo, spoke about the need to raise awareness about sex education. She has worked to help parents find comfortable, sensitive, and age-appropriate ways to start conversations about sex and sexuality with their children.

She argued that parents should stop conflating ignorance with innocence in the context of sex education.

“When children are struggling to understand concepts such as periods, erections, gender identity, sex, and related topics, parents should not be nervous, anxious, or hesitant to help their children understand concepts like periods, erections, gender identity, sex, and related topics. Children want to have these conversations, so we as parents need to educate ourselves and educate our children,” she added.

Believing that sex education starts early and goes beyond conversations about good and bad touches, Ange emphasized the importance of open communication.

“Sex education is not just about physiological changes and puberty, it’s about behavioral and psychological needs. Abuse is not just physical, it’s also psychological, and we understand that If you don’t tell your kids, they’ll never know,” she said.

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