After the event, organizers left a pile of trash in a public place.

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Amritsar, April 28th

When public spaces are used to hold social, religious, or even commercial events, organizers of these programs often neglect to clean the spaces and leave behind large amounts of trash.

After one such event, a handicraft mela, concluded at the premises on Ranjit Road, residents were surprised to see the heap of waste left at the spot. The residents demanded that the Municipal Corporation (MC) ensure that all organizations using public spaces for events clean the area after the event.

“The heap will remain there for several days, during which time the garbage will be scattered by the wind. That is not a proper use of public space,” said Gurmit Kaur, a resident. He said many socio-religious organizations organize langars (community kitchens) and other roadside events, but often fail to ensure cleanliness after the event.

“When such incidents occur, plastic and paper cups and plates are found strewn on the roads. If the organizers fail to ensure cleanliness, the moderators will call all event organizers to At the very least, civil society organizations should deny permission to use public spaces to such organizations that did not dispose of the waste generated during previous events. Nitin Kumar, another resident, suggested. He said social and religious organizations have a huge responsibility to keep the city clean.

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