Governor’s speech in Amritsar

Sir Edward McLagan, who was bid farewell by the Amritsar District Committee last week, addressed the Sikh issue and the appointment of the Birdwood Committee. In this speech, His Excellency said: “Governments had to enforce the law when it was broken, and ensure peace when it was threatened, but like the poet, there was no need to be ‘indignant.’ “I have become aware of the pleasures.” They have been reluctant to engage in repressive measures, no matter how necessary for the benefit of other communities or the general public. ” His reference to the “discomfort of feeling resentment towards loved ones” suggests that he is by no means satisfied that the government is still inflicting so much pain on the “beloved” Sikh community. This seems to indicate that there is no such thing. If this is the case, then of course the position of this community should be returned to the state it was in before the repression began. Further, His Excellency said, “Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to see, at the end of my term, arrangements are in place to fully restore the old sense of trust between the State Government and the Sikh community.” . If this is the real objective of the government, the proposed committee should not only suggest a satisfactory solution to the Gurdwara issue but also be asked to redress the ensuing community grievances and Action should be taken as soon as possible to correct this. To “regain my old self-confidence”. We hope that His Excellency will strive to realize the happy ideals so heartily expressed in his Amritsar speech.


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