Devotees gather at the Golden Temple on the occasion of Guru Arjan Dev’s Gurupurab

AMRITSAR: A large number of devotees gathered at the revered Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple) in Amritsar on Tuesday on the auspicious occasion of Guru Arjan Dev’s Gurupurab.

Devotees took a dip in the tranquil waters of the holy Sarovar and listened to melodious hymns of Gurbani early this morning. After paying their respects in the sanctum, the devotees humbly bowed to pay homage to Guru Arjan Dev.

Many devotees shared their sentiments and emphasized the importance of following the path set by Arjun Dev.

Rajwinder Singh, who came from Gurdaspur in Punjab to offer prayers, said, “Today is Shri Guru Arjan Dev Ji’s Gurupurab. I wish you all a very happy Gurupurab.” he said. Guru Arjun Dev was the first Sikh martyr and made many sacrifices for the Sikhs. Many people came here yesterday and today to offer prayers on the occasion of Gurupurab. ”

The foundation stone of Sikhism based on equality and ‘seva’ was laid by Guru Nanak and later cemented by his three successors. To lay his strong foundation, Guru Arjan built the Harminder Sahib (Golden Temple) on the exact spot where his father had constructed the clay tank of ‘Amrit’ and established the town of Amritsar around it. Construction has begun.

Tolerance and equality are at the heart of Sikhism. It was in the same spirit, “I am neither a Hindu nor a Muslim,” that Guru Arjan invited Mian Mir, a Muslim saint from Lahore, to formally lay the foundation stone of Harminder Sahib. According to Khalsa Vox, it was intended by the Sikh Sangat to be the tallest structure of its time.

Arjan Dev was born on April 15, 1563 in Goindwal Sahib. He was the youngest of his three siblings. His elder brothers were Priti Chand and Mahadev. Although Mahadev had no interest in worldly vices, his eldest brother Priti Chand considered himself a strong candidate for the post of ‘Guru Gadhi’ and on September 16, 1581, his father appointed him to Guru Arjan. After appointing him as the fifth guru, he started a rebellion. He is 18 years old. (Ani)

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