Atari residents outraged by lack of waste management

Tribune News Service

Charanjit Singh Teja

Amritsar, May 7th

Even though Attari is an international tourist destination thanks to its retreat ceremony, the village does not have proper arrangements for garbage collection. Garbage is also dumped on sidewalks along highways and outside local stadiums. Local residents and budding athletes staged a protest to voice their concerns and demand that the site be cleared of trash.

Residents said the village inherited the great legacy of Shaheed Shyam Singh Attari, but today it is completely ignored. The villagers decided to block the main road between Attari and Amritsar to highlight the issue before the district administration.

“The entrance to the village is dotted with heaps of garbage. There are no garbage dumps, so garbage is dumped on the roadside. Just a few meters away is a stadium strewn with foul-smelling garbage. Up-and-coming hockey players and students play here. The village’s stadium produced two Olympic hockey players, but now young players are inconvenienced by trash being dumped outside the stadium. We are facing this,” said Harpreet Singh, a resident.

“The government should build a garbage dump in Atari and dump all the garbage there. The sidewalks of Atari village, which are more than 1 km long, are full of garbage. A large pile is located next to the entrance of the village and the stadium. The players who come to play hockey have been forced into inconvenience and have staged a massive protest today to raise their voice if the issue is not resolved within the stipulated deadline. The Attari-Amritsar expressway will be blocked within the next few days,” said another resident.

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