Canadian minister denies report that India delayed permission for Trudeau’s plane to land in Amritsar

“Canadians, no matter what their background, have the right to peacefully express their views on certain topics, and that is recognized in a democracy,” the current Minister of Emergency Preparedness said at a press conference Tuesday. That’s true.”

“We take other allegations of misconduct very seriously,” he added.

Early that morning, Canadian daily newspapers globe and email, report India said it refused to allow Mr. Trudeau’s plane to land in Amritsar during his 2018 visit unless he and Mr. Sajjan acquiesced in talks with Mr. Singh to discuss the Sikh separation issue in Canada. Ta.

Citing unnamed sources, the newspaper reported that Singh had handed over documents relating to about 10 Sikh separatists active in Canada, whose activities New Delhi had sought to “curtail”. Nijal, an Indian designated terrorist who was shot dead in Canada in June last year, was also included in the list.

The 2018 trip turned out to be a “political disaster” for the Canadian prime minister. The Canadian High Commission in India has invited a man convicted of the attempted murder of former Punjab minister Jaspal Atwal, who is also suspected of being pro-Khalistan. Mr. Atwal was pictured with then-first lady Sophie Grégoire Trudeau in Mumbai.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was furious Repulsed by Prime Minister Trudeau’s support for Sikh separatism, he refused to meet with Singh unless he met with him to make amends. ThePrint reported.

Prime Minister Trudeau claimed in parliament that Indian government agents were involved in the June 18, 2023, murder of Nijjar outside a gurdwara in British Columbia.

India condemned the allegations as “irrational and motivated” and suspended visas for Canadians, citing the safety of its diplomats in Canada.

Additionally, New Delhi also demanded diplomatic “equality,” which led to Canada expelling 41 diplomats and their dependents from India.

Last Friday, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) arrested three Indian nationals, Karan Brar, Kamalpreet Singh and Karanpreet Singh, and charged them with murder.

(Edited by Tikri Basu)

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