13,000 tonnes of wheat has arrived at mandis, harvest is almost complete

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Amritsar, May 9th

With the wheat harvest season coming to an end, the arrival of agricultural products in the region’s grain market has significantly decreased. Mandis here received only 13,691 tonnes of wheat produce on Thursday.

As a result, the total amount of agricultural products arriving in the area reached 660,000 tons. Mandi officials said a total of 14,461 tonnes of wheat was purchased on Thursday, of which 12,861 tonnes were purchased by government agencies and 1,600 tonnes by private traders.

Of the total procurement amount of 658 million tons to date, government agencies have procured 608 million tons and private companies have procured 544 million tons. A mandi official said only 1,618 tonnes of wheat remained unsold as of Thursday night. Meanwhile, the wheat harvest continues to move forward at a slow pace, with only 18,199 tonnes transported to warehouses on Thursday. A total of 3.42 million tonnes has been lifted so far and nearly 48 per cent of the stock procured remains in the market. District mandi officials said there has been a significant drop in daily harvest over the past few days, indicating that the peak harvest season is already over. They added that they expected the harvest to be completed in the next few days.

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