Bharatiya Janata Party candidate from Amritsar Sandhu submits nomination papers in the presence of Mr. S. Jaishankar

amritsar: BJP candidate Taranjit Singh Sandhu today contested the Amritsar Lok Sabha seat in the presence of EAM Dr. S. Jaishankar at the office of District Election Commissioner and Additional Chief Secretary Ghanshyam Toli. I submitted a recommendation document.

On this occasion, people showered Sandhu’s caravan with flowers. Dr. Jaishankar and Dr. Sandhu were praised everywhere. I wish you all the best. The sea-shaped assembly spoke of the victory of the sea. BJP workers played bhangra to the beat of drums. And the sea filled the sea and the lord of the sea chanted the slogan of Jai Sri Ram and spoke very beautifully. Despite the intense heat and foot caravans, the joy of the workers was nowhere to be seen.This time, in addition to many young people, women also demonstrated their power and gathered strong support.

On this occasion, BJP’s Kisan Morcha national vice president, Indian Council of Agricultural Research governing body member, three-time Member of Parliament Suresh Chander, former Rajya Sabha member Shweet Malik, district president Harvinder Singh Sandhu was also present.

Dr. S. Jaishankar’s participation in the nomination of Mr. Sandhu is of great significance in the political world. It shows Sandhu’s ability and talent.

In a personal conversation, Dr. Jaishankar said that, by the way, the obligation is imposed by the party, but I have imposed the obligation to come to Amritsar by personally requesting Taranjit Singh Sandhu’s support. He said he did.

Speaking on this occasion, Dr. S. Jaishankar said that he is confident that the people of Amritsar will elect our candidate Taranjit Singh Sandhu and send him to Parliament. He made great contributions to the country as an ambassador. He has served his country and will now serve Amritsar and Punjab very well. He pointed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah and stressed that the people of Delhi value them very much. He said there was no competition for Sandhu’s ability and talent. He said Sandhu’s arrival in Delhi as an MP will help Amritsar’s representativeness be recognized by the world.

Sandhu said he would make arrangements for development, industry and trade in Amritsar. He said a special package would be brought from the Modi government for the development of Amritsar. Efforts will be made to improve the city’s sewage system and increase income for farmers and departments. He said that following the model of Guru Sahib’s Siddhant Pavanu Guru Pani Pita Mata Dharti Mahatu, the city will become clean and hygienic like Indore and the infrastructure of the city will be strengthened. Ta.

Prior to this, a roadshow was held where BJP candidate Sandhut submitted his nomination papers. He arrived at the District Court in a large convoy from his local novelty chalk, Lawrence Road.

Jaishankar, Suresh Chander, Shwet Malik, Rajinder Mohan China, Bakshi Ram Arora, Harwinder Sandhu, Boney Ajnara, Sushil Devgn, Rakesh Gill, Harjinder Singh Tekedar, Gurupratap. Singh Tika, Kumar Amit, Ph.D. Ram Chawla, Sukhminder Pintu, Sukhwinder Singh Mahal, Balwinder Kaur Attari, Pradeep Brar, Ajaybir Pal Randhawa, Mahila Morcha District President Sarti Vij, Mahila Rural president Harpreet Kaur Sekhon also participated. This is the first time that Amritsar witnessed a pure BJP rally. This meeting was a show of force for the BJP. From today’s meeting, it appeared that the people of Amritsar are determined to get Sandhu.

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