celebrate world technology day

Amritsar: Shri Ram Ashram Public School in Amritsar marked World Technology Day on Saturday with a vibrant celebration of innovation and progress. Both students and faculty came together to recognize the transformative power of technology to shape our world and pave the way for a brighter future. The day began with an inspiring assembly where students of Class IX role-played on the theme ‘From School to Startup: Enabling Young Minds to Innovate’. Students highlighted the pivotal role of technology in driving global progress across a variety of sectors. Principal Balbir Bajaj congratulated everyone and said the school’s activities aim to foster creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills in students. From robotics demonstrations to coding challenges, students enjoy hands-on experiences. Principal Dr. Vinodita Sankiyan thanked all students for their enthusiastic participation and reiterated the school’s commitment to developing the next generation of technology-savvy and socially conscious leaders.

Mother’s Day Events at Babans

Babans SL Public School celebrated Mother’s Day on May 11th and the Chairman of the Board Dr. Anita Bhalla and the Management Committee attended the ceremony. Teachers from the school’s Shivalik House organized a special program. Dr. Anita Bhalla, Chairman and Principal, welcomed Ms. Ragini Sharma, Finance Director, Amritsar University Group, as the chief guest. The teachers of Shivalik House heartily congratulated Chairman Bhavans. Ragini Sharma said all children should be educated through her NGO Jagriti. There were also mothers playing with their children. Addressing the gathering, Principal Dr. Bhalla said her mother was another image of God. Raman, a student of Muskaan School, performed a song dedicated to all mothers. Various competitions were organized to entertain the mothers. Mothers were given various tags, including “punctual mother,” “mother in high heels,” and “beautiful smile.” Poems and songs dedicated to their mothers were presented by the children of Shivalik House, after which a dance competition was also held.

Students awarded scholarships

Students of Khalsa University have performed well in the Class III Religious Examination conducted annually by the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee, bringing glory to the university and its parents. 42 students of the university achieved success with good grades and 14 students of hers who scored more than 70% marks were also awarded scholarships. Students studying in the BA class of the university participated in the examination, of which 42 passed with good results and 14 secured more than 70% marks and won scholarships worth a total of Rs 43,400.

world veterinarian day

Khalsa University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences organized the World Veterinary Day program with the theme ‘Veterinarians are essential health workers’. Guru Angad Dev College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Principal Dr Harish Kumar Verma and Professor NK Singh presided over the technical session. Dr Verma said this day was first observed in 2000. Dr. NK Singh highlighted the economic losses caused to farmers due to the infestation of the parasite and emphasized on adopting effective control measures. He said that farmers are constantly plagued by mites because mite resistance is a big problem for dairy cows, spreading disease and reducing productivity. He also emphasized the importance of food security for a healthy society. Dr SK Nagpal, executive director of the university, presented the best prizes for thematic posters, rangolis and photographs to the students. Dr. Nagpal said such programs bridge the gap between veterinarians and society and are beneficial for both parties. He said veterinarians understand the needs of society and through these seminars, veterinarians gain knowledge to better manage animals.

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