Your vote will save the country and the Constitution: Kejriwal on Amritsar Radio Show

In a highly excited and emotional return to the political scene in Punjab, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convener and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday held a grand road show in Amritsar. This was his first public appearance in the state since he was released on bail in Delhi. The case for consumption tax policy. Kejriwal, who accompanied Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann to the election campaign of AAP’s Amritsar Lok Sabha candidate Kuldeep Singh Dhaliwal, told the people of Punjab, “Your vote counts for the country.” It will save the Constitution,” he said.

Before departing for their campaign, Kejriwal, Mann and Dhaliwal paid homage to the Golden Temple and Durjiana Temple and prayed for peace and prosperity in Punjab. This spiritual start gave a reverent tone to the day’s events, and it was this spiritual start that gave the day’s events a pious tone, and it was a tribute to Mr. Kejriwal, the region and its people.

Thousands of AAP supporters waved flags and chanted “Inquilab Zindabad” slogans during a roadshow in Amritsar.Rang De Basanti Chola“A song related to Shahid Azam Bhagat Singh” is being played together. The atmosphere was electric as Kejriwal, Mann, Dhaliwal and AAP national general secretary Dr Sandeep Pathak waved back to the enthusiastic crowd.

Mr. Kejriwal described his time in prison as a period of personal and political trial to the crowd. “I was jailed on a false charge…During my meeting with Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann, my main concern was the welfare of the people of Punjab,” he said.

Mr. Kejriwal outlined what he believed to be the real reasons for his imprisonment: the provision of free electricity, the improvement of public schools, and the establishment of mohalla clinics in Delhi and Punjab. “They imprisoned me because I gave your children a good education and guaranteed free healthcare and electricity,” he claimed.

He also spoke of his ordeal in prison, where he was not given diabetes medication for 15 days, causing his blood sugar levels to rise dangerously. “I am a sugar patient. For the past 20 years I have had severe diabetes. For the past 10 years I have been taking insulin. I am given 52 units of insulin daily. When I went to Tihar, they stopped my insulin injections for 15 days.My blood sugar levels were over 300, sometimes even as high as 350. It damages the kidneys,” he explained.

“Your vote will decide my fate. Whether I stay free or go back to jail,” he told the crowd, appealing to them to vote to protect the achievements of the AAP government.

Mr. Kejriwal attacked the Bharatiya Janata Party and said these people were trying to change the Constitution. “These people have a very dangerous plan in mind. They repeatedly say they will exceed the 400 mark. These people are not saying why they need 400 seats. When we inquired, they said they are closing the reservation.We need 400 seats to close the reservation for OBC, SC and ST,” he said.

Punjab Chief Minister Mann said, “After being released from prison, Arvind Kejriwal came to the holy city of Amritsar today to offer prayers for our country and prayed to God to bring our country back on the right track. At Ram Teeras Mandir, we pray that the government of this country will be in the hands of honest people.”

Addressing the crowd, Mann highlighted the integrity and dedication of AAP candidates like Kuldeep Singh Dhaliwal. He praised Dhaliwal’s efforts to get back 10,000 acres of illegally occupied land and promised that Dhaliwal would champion Punjab’s issues in parliament.

“If we elect Kuldeep Singh Dhaliwal, no one will be able to stop our funding,” Mann declared. He also reiterated his belief that the upcoming elections are critical to preserving the Constitution and democracy. “In Delhi, we say ‘May 25, BJP Gay’. In Punjabi, we say ‘Punjab Banega Hero’. Isbar 13-0,” he said, predicting a clean sweep for AAP in the state.

Dhaliwal, a cabinet minister and party candidate in Amritsar, spoke passionately about the stakes in the upcoming elections. “We are proud soldiers of Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar and Dr. Arvind Kejriwal. We will not let Kejriwal go to jail again,” he vowed, urging the people of Amritsar to protect Ambedkar’s legacy and uphold Kejriwal’s vision. urged people to vote for him.

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