‘Vatican-like status over Amritsar’ should be an issue for candidates: ‘Lokraj’ Punjab president

Babshahi Secretariat

Amritsar, May 18, 2024 “Lokraj” Punjab seeks international security for “Harmandal Akal Takht Sahib” as “worthy of respect” to Shri Guru Granth Sahib and grants autonomy to Amritsar. He called for a “status similar to that of Vatican City.” The wishes of the Sikh Gurus ensured that all believers around the world had “unimpeded access” to the “supreme temporal seat of all humanity.”

Terming this demand as an “election issue”, Lok Sabha candidates have been asked to clarify their stand on the demand for “Vatican status for Amritsar” during the election.

Punjab Lok Raj Party leader Manjit Singh Randhawa also said in a joint statement with Cultural Heritage Conservation Initiative and Guru Adab Morcha Sirhind that Punjab elections will be held in the seven-phase election schedule. questioned the administration’s logic in aligning the date with the 40th anniversary of the tragic Operation Blue Star.

“Why today, in response to the unforgettable Blue Star tragedy, the planned brutal massacre and marginalization of the Sikh community, by leaders of various political parties who remained in power for a long period of 40 years? Didn’t he express any remorse until then? Time has proven it. It is a very sad phenomenon and an extreme act of ingratitude that such an unseemly and arrogant attitude is causing great damage to the interests of multinational nations.”

He said that given the nation’s larger interests, giving Akal Tahat an autonomous status like the Vatican would be a worthy attempt to atone for past mistakes.

“Akal Takahat has a legacy of leading a historic freedom war in the 18th century and liberating India from over nine centuries of “the worst and most abominable slavery in history”. “Some of these will be applied” to “soothe” the “everlasting wounds” of the Sikh people and also restore much-needed confidence and strength to the country, he said.

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