Number of pedestrians at the Golden Temple drops by 50% to 50,000 due to soaring mercury prices

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Amritsar, May 19th

The soaring heat has made it difficult for devotees to visit the Golden Temple.

Typically, 90,000 to 100,000 visitors pay their respects to the Golden Temple every day. Over the past few days, temple officials said this number has been cut in half.

Nevertheless, to beat the heat, the SGPC has made special arrangements for the convenience of devotees. Visiting hours are from 4 a.m. to 11 p.m.

“Excluding Sundays, when local devotees also visit the temple, the actual footfall of outsiders has come down to 55,000 from 50,000 people every day,” said Narinder Singh, the Golden Temple administrator (parikrama). he said. We believe it’s just because of the scorching heat,” he says.

Facilities for pilgrims

  • The sanctuary is air-conditioned throughout the day.
  • In addition to ceiling fans, a special steam distribution mechanism has been introduced.
  • The carpets inside the shrine were also replaced with special jute mats as they generated more heat.
  • People moving around the parikrama can take shelter on the balcony to avoid the sun’s rays.

It takes courage to walk along the marble parikrama (paths that surround the sacred pond from all sides). That is why SGPC staff and volunteers continue to pour buckets of water from the sacred pool onto the mats.

Narinder added that the mats do not take long to dry. Therefore, these mats must be kept wet. “We doubled Matt’s layers. Normally Matt would have two layers, but now he has four layers,” he says.

The sanctuary is air-conditioned throughout the day. In addition to ceiling fans, a special steam dispersion mechanism has been introduced. It is mounted under a canopy extending from the ‘darshani deodi’ (entrance gate) leading to the sanctum.

Here, believers have to queue for at least 45 minutes, and even longer, to enter the sanctuary. Narinder said this special mechanism was introduced recently. “The water is circulated through special pipes installed overhead. A motor is attached to this system, which converts the water into steam that is jetted,” he says.

The carpet inside the shrine was also replaced with a special jute mat as it used to generate heat.

People moving around Parikrama take shelter on balconies to avoid the sun’s rays. A fan and cooler are installed here. “The number of coolers in the facility has also increased from 30 to 50,” says Narinder. A ‘Shamiana’ equipped with a steam dispersion system and a fan has also been installed at the ‘Parikrama’ near Akal Takht. Pilgrims sit here and listen to ‘Dadi Diwan’ performed by traditional ballad singers.

Jagdish, who is from Maharashtra, said it was scorching hot but proper arrangements were made for the visitors. “This is my second visit. It seems that the water sprinkling technique has been successful in beating the heat. Similarly, the hassle of climbing Parikrama by repeatedly spraying water has been minimized,” he said. To tell.

new timing

The ‘kiwad’ (portal) opens at 2am when kirtan begins. The departure of the ‘Palki Sahib’ from Akal Takht to the sanctum sanctorum is at 4 am followed by the recitation of ‘Asa Di Var, Kirtan, Hukumnama’ and ‘Leras Sahib’ at sunset. Sukh Asan (departure from Palki Sahib sanctuary to Akal Takht) 11:00 p.m.

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