RTI activists expose anomalies in smart road project, demand investigation

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Amritsar, May 19th

Local RTI activists have exposed several anomalies in the implementation of the smart road project. Former AAP district president and RTI activist Suresh Sharma reveals that the Smart Road project to develop the outer ring road around the walled city has been approved for Rs 118.64 crore with funds from the Center and the Punjab government. I made it.

“The contractor was required to set up a testing laboratory on a 250 sq ft site before starting the work, which was not done by the contractor. After testing the materials in the laboratory, the road was constructed. Thus, all the roads were built without any testing by the contractor, although another agency was to be hired for testing. About Rs 5,000 crore was spent on constructing the roads using inferior materials without any testing.As a result, the roads are scattered in many places,” said Suresh Sharma. insisted.

They were supposed to replace the old sewer line with a new one on Gaikan Road and install new pipes, but the contractor claimed that they were only cleaning the old sewer line. The power lines for the entire ring road were supposed to be buried underground, but only a 2km section of the road was constructed. He received a report from his MC’s supervising engineer that the project is 95 percent complete, even though some of the works mentioned in the tender announcement are pending. Although a vending zone was created, 614 vending machines were not installed. Bus shelters, bus bays, auto bays, and table tops (road junctions) were not installed. Old toilets have not been renovated and toilets have not been constructed. Trash cans, traffic lights, and wooden watchtowers had not yet been installed.

“The connivance of contractors and officials has caused huge loss to the central government. I will submit a report in this regard to the Central Vigilance Ministry and the Central Housing and Urban Development Ministry and demand a vigilance probe,” Sharma said. intend to.”

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