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5-day training program on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at GNDU

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Amritsar May 20, 2024: Under the esteemed leadership of Vice-Chancellor Prof. Jaspal Singh Sandhu (Dr. it was done. Delhi.

The five-day training program was supported by Professor PK Pati, Coordinator of the Golden Jubilee Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, and was hosted by Germany-based FESTO’s Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Laboratory ‘FluidSim and CIROS software. Factory Automation and Robotics Programming”. Gundu.

During this five-day training program, students received hands-on training in AI-based factory automation and robot programming techniques. Patty emphasized that this type of training can bridge the gap between academia and the latest technology used in industry.

Dr. Harminder Singh, Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, welcomed resource person Er. Mr. Chandrashekhar V. Varelkar, Festo India Pvt. Manager Didactic Ltd. Eh. Varekar earned his Level 1 and Level 2 Mechatronics Trainer certifications from the Siemens Technik Academy in Berlin, Germany. He has 15 years of core manufacturing experience in Electrical Maintenance Division of TATA Steel Wire Division and 9 years of core training experience with ChristianiSharpline Technical Training Pvt., an Indo-German joint venture. Ltd. is participating in the shareholder meeting training specializing in mechatronics.

The training started with teaching the basics of pneumatics and hydraulics from an industrial revolution perspective, and throughout the training we delve deeper into the professional use of Fluid Sim, CIROS, CODESYS and PLC software.

Around 150 students and faculty members participated in the training program. The Department of Mechanical Engineering has introduced a 5-year integrated Master’s degree program for 12th batch non-medical failing students with a focus on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Admissions are open and students have shown high interest. So, start your journey today.

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