India News | Amritsar: BSF recovers parcel containing suspected heroin near border

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Amritsar (Punjab) [India]May 20 (ANI): Border Security Force (BSF) forces on high alert detected and recovered a parcel suspected to contain heroin from Dano-e-Kalan village near the border area in Punjab’s Amritsar district on Sunday night. did.

Along with the drugs, troops also recovered a copper wire ring and four luminous strips attached to the packet.

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On the night of May 19, BSF troops on duty immediately rushed to the spot after hearing suspicious falling sounds near the Amritsar border. They fenced off the drop area and launched a massive search operation.

During the search operation, BSF forces succeeded in recovering one packet of suspected heroin wrapped in yellow adhesive tape with one copper wire loop and four luminous stripes. The total weight of the recovered drugs was approximately 575 grams.

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According to the press release, “The drop area was cordoned off and an extensive search was conducted, which concluded at approximately 11:53 p.m., and one packet of suspected heroin (total weight 575 grams) was located in farmland in a nearby village. The drugs were found wrapped in yellow adhesive tape and the packets had one loop of copper wire and four luminescent strips, said Dhanoe Karan of Punjab’s Amritsar district. Ta.

Keen observation and timely response of the hard-working BSF troops on duty once again thwarted an illegal attempt to smuggle drugs across the border.

Earlier, on May 18, a joint effort between Border Security Force and Punjab Police recovered a drone from the border area of ‚Äč‚ÄčTarun Taran district on Saturday. The recovery was carried out in a joint operation with the Punjab Police.

During the search operation, the vigilance team successfully recovered one drone, identified as a Chinese-made DJI Mavic 3 Classic, from a farmland adjacent to Rajok village in Tarun Taran district. (Ani)

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