Amritsar district administration will send invitations to voters for Amritsar Lok Sabha constituency on June 1.

Amritsar: To mark the June 1 election festival in true sense here, the district administration will send invitation cards to voters in Amritsar Lok Sabha constituency to vote on June 1. The invitation cards are printed in both Punjabi and English languages. .

District Election Officer Ghanshyam Tori said they wanted to ensure maximum voter participation in this festival of democracy. So, just as invitations are sent to guests for weddings and other events, invitations for voting are also sent in the same line. Tori said a number of invitation cards printed in Phulkari designs will be sent to 51,032 youths who will be voting for the first time. Apart from this, 42,018 elderly voters over 80 years of age will receive this invitation card, but only 505 voters over 100 years of age and 74 transgender voters will receive this invitation card. He said there is.

Speaking on the occasion, Tehsildar Election Inderjit Singh said these invitations have been printed and it is the duty of the BLO to distribute them.

He said that a total of 1,995,719 voters will use their ballot papers in our constituency this time, including 1,047,086 men and 948,559 women. Mr. Inderjit Singh appealed to all voters to participate in this celebration of democracy and cast their precious votes on June 1st.

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