Amritsar rail traffic resumes as farmers lift lockdown

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Neeraj Bagga

Amritsar, May 21

More than 30 train services were restored at Amritsar railway station on Tuesday, a day after farmers lifted a month-long rail blockade on Haryana’s Shambhu border that had disrupted rail traffic. Most of these trains operated daily.

About 23 trains a day that had been diverted earlier returned to their original tracks, and seven that had been suspended resumed service, giving stranded passengers some respite. Vendors at Amritsar railway station, who had been suffering due to sluggish sales, also breathed a sigh of relief.

The seven trains that were suspended and restored today are 12497 and 12498 between Amritsar and New Delhi, 12459 and 12460 between Amritsar and New Delhi, 12053 and 12054 between Amritsar and Howrah, and 14653 between Amritsar and Howrah.・It was No. 14654. Hisar, 12411 and 12412 between Amritsar and Chandigarh, 14506 and 14505 between Amritsar and Nangardam, 12241 and 12242 between Amritsar and Chandigarh.

The 23 trains that returned to their original tracks today include 13151 Kolkata-Amritsar, 18237 Chhattisgarh Express, 13005 Howrah-Amritsar, 15707 Katihar-Amritsar, 11057 Dadar-Amritsar and 12029 New Delhi-Amritsar Swarn Shatabdi. , 51 Jaynagar-Amritsar, 14617 Purneakot-Amritsar, 14649 Jaynagar-Amritsar, 14673 Jaynagar-Amritsar, 22487 Delhi-Amritsar, 12715 Sakhand Express, 12203 Garib Rath from Saharsa to Amritsar, 20807 Visakhapatnam, 1201 3 Delhi to Amritsar Mumbai to Golden Temple Express 12903 Amritsar Central, 12357 Kolkata to Amritsar, 19325 Indore to Amritsar, 12483 Trivandrum Kuchuveli to Amritsar, 12379 Sealdah to Amritsar, 04653 New Jalpaiguri to Amritsar, 22125 Nagpur to Amritsar, 14603 Saharsa to Amritsar.

Traveling by train has been a challenge for passengers, with farmers laying siege to the tracks for nearly a month. Disruptions to train schedules disrupt commuters’ lives and impact businesses.

The peddlers, who earn a living by selling food and essential goods at stations, demanded compensation from the railways to cover their fixed costs. They said frequent blockades disrupt accounts and make it impossible for both parties to make ends meet. There was a similar lockdown in February, and the company suffered losses. Now they are against staring at losses. They said each vendor pays a monthly rent of a minimum of Rs 15,000 to a maximum of Rs 27,000 to the railways, plus 18 per cent GST. Apart from this, other recurring expenditures of the company include approximately Rs 11.79 per unit of commercial power tariff, employee salaries, maintenance charges and other charges.

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