“Voter invitation” made by students of a school in Amritsar

Amritsar: Under the directions of Deputy Commissioner and District Election Officer Ghanshyam Tohri, voter invitation cards were produced by students from a number of schools in the district to encourage the public to vote in the upcoming 2024 Sabah state elections.

Giving information in this regard, Mrs. Indu Bala Mangotra, Nodal Officer, Jandiala Vidhan Sabha constituency, said that the main objective of this activity is to spread election awareness in the society through children. .

She said the students used their creative thinking to create some very nice cards. It has been done.
She said India is the world’s largest democracy and we all must play our part to strengthen this democracy.
She said that since the Election Commission has announced that this election will be celebrated like a festival in the country, it is now our duty to participate more in this election festivity.

She said that as this is the age of social media, people should like and share as many social media platforms created by the district administration as possible.

She said that this time the Election Commission has raised the slogan ‘Ab Ki Baar Sattar Percent Par’ and people need to participate in maximum voting to exceed the 70% voter turnout figure in Amritsar district. He said there is. did it.

He said all voters must exercise their constitutional right to vote in the June 1 Sabah state election.

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