The Golden Temple will be the centre of the world

Amritsar: Indian National Congress leader Rahul Gandhi today announced that the Golden Temple will become the centre of the world once the Indian Union government is formed. Rahul Gandhi said that after his last visit and offering at the Golden Temple, he felt immense peace and he wants the whole world to feel this peace. He will definitely do whatever is possible to make that happen.

Rahul Gandhi today addressed a rally in Amritsar in support of Congress’ Lok Sabha candidate Gurjit Singh Aujla. He said this election is not a small battle but the first ideological battle since independence. Narendra Modi and Bharatiya Janata Party leaders are attacking the Constitution and the Congress is trying to defend it.

Rahul Gandhi said that BJP leaders have openly stated that if they win, they will amend the Constitution. People think that the Constitution is a 70-80 year old book, but it is actually thousands of years old. He said that he is in Amritsar and if you see and understand Guru Nanak’s thoughts, you will see that his thoughts are reflected in this Constitution. The foundation of this Constitution was laid by Guru and his thoughts built it.

He said the Bharatiya Janata Party was creating sectarian divisions in the country and minorities felt threatened by the Narendra Modi government. Farmers too were not treated well under the 10-year BJP government and were called terrorists during their struggle to repeal the three black laws. He said if the Congress comes to power, three initiatives will be taken on a voluntary basis: MSP will be provided, the Agnivir Act will be repealed and Rs 8,500 will be deposited in the accounts of poor women from the month after their victory.

He said there will be loan waivers for farmers and this will be done every time, not just once. Funds will be provided to women and the unemployed to stimulate markets. Insurance will be reintroduced for farmers, with compensation paid within a month of losses, he said.

Rahul Gandhi slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s interview, in which Modi said he is not a biological being and God sent him to do all the work. Rahul, on the other hand, said he would like to ask if God sent Narendra Modi only to work and when he will get that feeling. He said Narendra Modi has already created several billionaires and will create millions himself and stimulate the economy through his plans.

Finally, Rahul said that we must open a shop of love in the market of hate, we need to unite everyone and respect all.Former Union Minister Shashi Tharoor, Punjab Observer Davinder Yadav, Congress leader KC Venugopal, Special Observer Harish Chaudhary, Leader of Opposition Shri Pratap Singh Bajwa, Deputy Chief Minister Shri Om Prakash Soni, Sukhvinder Singh Sarkaria, Dilraj Singh Sarkaria, Urban Congress President Ashwani Kumar Pappu, Rural Congress President Harpratap Ajnala, former State Congress Member Sunil Dutty, former State Congress Member Inderbir Singh Bhullaria, former State Congress Member Har Pratap Singh Ajnala, Minister Dr Rajkumar Verka, Mazita Constituency In-charge Bhagwant Pal Singh Sachar and Attari Constituency In-charge DC Tarsem Singh were present on the occasion. Leaders and supporters of the All India National Congress, including AAP MP Jugal Kishore Sharma, were present.

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