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Amritsar, May 28

A social activist had complained to the Deputy Commissioner about political posters being put up at the house of a PCS officer. On the night of May 27-28, not one or two but dozens of posters were put up at the PCS officer’s house. They had to be removed in the morning. “Political parties are violating election ethics and code of conduct. Hence, we have written a letter to the DC-cum-Election Officer directing the candidates to follow the code of conduct,” said PS Bhati, a social activist.

In a letter to the DC and Election Commission, PS Bhati said, “Please tell politicians not to deface public walls arbitrarily. Hundreds and thousands of posters are pasted everywhere. I saw such posters pasted in the morning on the outer wall of my house which I had just painted a few days ago. I respect every individual’s faith and beliefs but I do not preach or impose my views on others. I consider religion a very personal and private thing to reform oneself. It is not fair to paste your beliefs in other people’s faces especially on election day. Please advise such people to remove all the posters and desist from such acts in future.”

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