Taranjit Sandhu promises to operate a sky train from the airport and railway station to Sri Durbar Sahib and Sri Durgiana Temple.

Amritsar: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate from Amritsar, Taranjit Singh Sandhu’s roadshow at Hall Bazar turned into a power show. Sandhu said that a sky train would be run from the airport and railway station to Sri Durbar Sahib and Sri Durgiana temple. Strict crackdown on drugs will be implemented.

Expressing confidence in the BJP, the entire Guru Nagri seems to have supported Sandhu. All that remains to be announced is the overwhelming enthusiasm of the remaining people, a sign of victory. Who will ensure that the BJP flag is hoisted on June 1? The BJP candidate will vote for Sandhu and send him to the Congress for the development of Amritsar.

The enthusiasm of the people was so great that it took more than three hours to walk the distance from Hall Gate to Pink Plaza via Town Hall.
The occasion was attended by Central Constituency Officer Dr. Ram Chawla as well as Manjinder Singh Sirsa, Shwet Malik, Bakshi Ram Arora, Rajinder Mohan Singh Chinna and many other workers and common people.During the roadshow, Taranjit Singh Sandhu Samari was warmly welcomed and presented with bouquets by nearby shopkeepers and local residents.The people expressed their confidence in Sandhu Samari for the development of Amritsar city.

Satisfied with the strong response from the people this time, Taranjit Singh Sandhu told reporters that those who want development of Amritsar and are against drugs will choose the right representative this time, they will adopt the right mindset. He targeted the incumbent Congress MPs and said that the people have given him a chance for seven years but he has failed to do anything for the city. He could not even explain the Rs 350 crore he received from the MPs Fund. He said that the people are currently suffering from pollution, water and sewage problems. Congressman Sahib was chairman of the steering committee for eight years but did not solve the problems of Bhagatwala waste dumping site and Tun Dab drain. He is also a member of the Agriculture Advisory Committee but has not given any advice or recommendation for agriculture or farming. Despite being a member of the Airports Committee, he has done nothing to facilitate cargo traffic.

Sandhu Samani said people here want development. PM Modi has brought development to India and this development will come to Amritsar too. He has prepared a roadmap for the development of Amritsar. Implementation has already started under which Rs 850 crore has been raised by the Amritsar Initiative developed to launch start-ups in Amritsar. An MoU has been signed with Amritsar-developed Pulston Microwave Technologies for skilling the youth. Similarly, Abu Dhabi’s Lulu Group International is setting up a logistics and food processing centre in Amritsar. He said there has been a positive response to the establishment of the US Consulate.

Skytrain services will be started from the airport and railway station to Sri Durbar Sahib and Sri Durgiana Mandir. Drugs will be strictly controlled. Experts have also been consulted to address the issue of littering by devotees.
Manjinder Singh Sirsa, who also took part in the roadshow, assured the market shopkeepers that Sandhu will take their businesses nationally and globally. Products made in Amritsar will be recognised abroad too. Former MP Shwet Malik said Taranjit Singh Sandhu is an ambassador sent by Mr. Narendra Modi and will emerge as the developer of Amritsar. With his ideas and wisdom, our city will progress twice as much during the day and four times at night. BJP leader Rajinder Mohan Singh Chinna said that under Mr. Narendra Modi’s leadership, there has been record development across the country but we were deprived as we did not get the right leadership in Amritsar.

Harvinder Singh Sandhu said that now is the time to give Sandhu Samani a chance to be sent to Lok Sabha so that Amritsar can be developed all-round. Sandhu Samani also shared a roadmap with the people. On this occasion, it was confirmed that looking at the people who gathered during the roadshow, this time the people will press the lotus button on June 1 to give majority to Taranjit Singh Sandhu Samari.

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