Wahid Begum and her son Faiz’s tragic journey from Assam to Dubai, Afghanistan and Pakistani prisons | Amritsar News

AMRITSAR: After her husband’s death, Waheeda Begum remarried a neighbour and stayed in Dubai with her son for a week before leaving for Afghanistan. But on reaching Chaman on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, her journey took an unexpected turn when she became suspicious of her husband’s intentions and sought help from the Pakistan Rangers, who ended up arresting him.

Tragically, Wahida and her son were finally deported to India via the Attari border on Wednesday after being incarcerated for nearly a year and a half for illegally entering Pakistan.

Speaking in broken Hindi and English, Wahida said she wanted help from the Assam government and police authorities to resettle and focus on the future of her 13-year-old son, Faiz Khan.

Wahida’s mother, Wazifa Khatun, arrived at the Attari International Border after her daughter, grandson and Indian nationals Suraj Pal and Shabir Ahmad Dar were deported to Pakistan.

According to sources, Wahida lived in Nagaon city in Assam and was married to Mohsin Khan and had a son, Faiz Khan. After his unfortunate death, Wahida married Zia, who lived nearby.

According to sources, Zia had promised to take Wahida to Canada. However, he took her and Faiz along with an Afghan national also residing in Nagaon to Guwahati and then to Dubai in 2022. There, they stayed for around eight to 10 days before moving to Kandahar in Afghanistan. “According to her, she lived in Kandahar with her son and husband for around a week before they all, along with the Afghan national, reached the Chaman border where they sensed something was wrong and sought help from Pakistan Rangers,” the source said.

Pakistan Rangers arrested Zia, but he, an Afghan national, fled to Afghanistan. “During interrogation, he admitted to being a Pakistani national, much to Wahida’s surprise,” the official said.

Wahida and Faiz were later sent to Quetta Jail where they spent around six months before being transferred to Gadani Jail. “A few days ago, they were shifted to Karachi’s Landi Jail to meet counsellors and today they were repatriated by Pakistan via the Attari border,” a border official said.

Zia promised Wahida that he would take her and her son to Canada where they would live a happy and settled life, according to sources. Zia remains in a Pakistani prison, according to sources.

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