CHECK | This exit poll graph predicting BJP victory in Amritsar, Punjab is fake

The publication of exit polls was banned until June 1st.

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FACT CHECK | This graphic circulating on the Internet is fake.


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The exit poll graph is: India Today It has been shared to claim that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is predicted to win in Amritsar, Punjab.

An archive of posts can be found below here.

This post 25,000 views At the time of writing this report, further archives of such claims were available on the platform. here and here.

What is the truth? The image is fake and was not published by any media organization. It was uploaded on May 27, but the publication of exit polls was banned until June 1.

How did we know that? When I searched for it in Google Lens, the same graphic came up. Official X Handle of India TodayJournalist Rahul Kanwal.

  • It was released on May 28th.

  • The caption of the post said that all exit polls released before June 1 will be fake.

  • Kanwal further said the organisation will release the exit poll results on June 1 after 6:30 pm.

  • Quint The following four types of exit polls were included: India Today Axis My India, In Punjab, the BJP was expected to win between 2 and 4 seats. Read the article here.

  • However, he did not mention data for specific constituencies.

Punjab has 13 Lok Sabha seats.

Conclusion: This graphic is fake and has no connection to the 2024 House of Representatives elections.

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